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  • What is EPS (Element Payment Solutions)?

    Element Payments - is a payment service provider. Element Payments allows partners to accept payments from customers in Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines and also provides any day withdrawals.

  • What are the benefits of using Element Payments?

    • Save your time: you do not need to waste your time on technically complex integration with information systems of banks, we have ready-made configured gateways.
    • Save your money: no fees for connection to the system and further technical support.
    • Fast approving and integration: a simple two-step registration and implementation effort with no extra hardware or software required allow you to start using our services in a short time.
    • Secure: as a payment gateway service provider, we consider our partner’s security a top priority. Our company has the Bank of Thailand licenses and PCI DSS 3.2.1 status.
    • Flexible: we offer the most used and convenient payment methods for the clients from leading Thai banks, so you can provide your customers with the most popular methods.
  • How to request a connection to the Element Payments?

    You can initiate the process of connecting the Element Payments in two ways:

    1. visit main page, go to the main Menu, click "Get account for Free" and then fill the application form
    2. send request to our sales department:
  • What is the process of connecting to Element Payments?

    All our partners go through two-step registration, sign and stamp an Agreement, make integration tests in Sandbox and then goes to Live (production) system. All features are already available for partners in Sandbox.

  • What is the difference between the testing stage (Sandbox mode) and the Live mode?

    The testing stage or Sandbox mode allows partners to make emulation payments without real financial transactions.

    The Live mode enables partners to receive real payments from customers.

  • What integration types do you offer and what is the difference?

    You can choose the one of the following integration types:

    1. Individual connect. For full customization, please use all the features of our API:  Merchant API, Client API, Callback API, Transfer API
    2. Light connect. You'll just need to install our JS SDK on your website and make some settings. Please find more details in Light API documentation
    3. CMS Plugins. This type is suitable for partners who use popular CMS such as Wordpress, PrestaShop, Drupal. Please find the actual plugin list here
  • Which documents do I need to provide to connect to Element Payments?

    Each partner is checked by the KYC procedure in Element Payments connection process. A partner should provide us with a small list of documents:

    1. CEO's Passport (or other Internal Identity Document) or ID Card (for Thailand residents)
    2. Company Report Summary (or DBD for Thailand company)
    3. Registration Certificate with Registration Number
  • How can I change the registered information (for example, company address)?

    Send us the request to

  • How long does it take to approve my request to connection and implement the EPS service?

    When we get a request for connection to our system, we need some time to check the documents via our KYC procedure. It can take 2-10 working days. Parallel to this, the integration and tests in Sandbox can be started. After completion of testing it takes 1-2 working days to switch the partner's account to Live mode.

  • What type of business or business practices which are not allowed to use EPS’ services?

    Prohibited goods, services, business activities or business practices: The types of business listed below are representative, but not exhaustive. If you are uncertain as to whether your business is prohibited, or have questions about how these requirements apply to your business, please contact us.


    Prohibited Business

    1. Adult Entertainment, Agency, and Pornography
    2. Bar/Strip Club
    3. Arm Dealer
    4. Hazardous chemical substance
    5. Illegal Drugs
    6. Business related to Pirate goods, Counterfeit, Unauthorized Products, and Intellectual Property Infringement
    7. Platform related to Lottery, Online Gambling, and Lucky Draw
    8. Wildlife Conservation
    9. Illegal Service and Advertisement
    10. Ponzi Scheme Business
    11. Bearer Share Company
    12. Multi-Level Marketing
    13. Shell Company/Shell Bank
    14. Human Trafficking Agency


    High Risk Business

    1. Massage Parlor
    2. Dating Service
    3. Modelling Agency
    4. Drug and Medicine
    5. Herbal Agency
    6. Tobacco
    7. Sex Tonic
    8. Weight Loss Pills
    9. Antiques, Arts, Amulet Dealer
    10. Pawn Shop
    11. Cryptocurrency, Crowdfunding
    12. Private Investigator and Bodyguard
    13. Precious Metals, Jewelry, Gold and Stones Dealer
    14. Digital Currency Providers, Digital Token, or similar
    15. Tour Agency
  • Do you serve partners from various countries?

    Yes, we offer services on the territory of Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines to partners from around the world.

  • In what currency does Element Payments settle payments?

    Our system supports all currencies on partner's side. Invoices are automatically converted in the local currency (THB) and then they can be established directly in local currency (THB) or can be established to our server through exchange rates based on Bank of Thailand rates by your request.

  • Which payment methods does Element Payments offer to the partner?

    For PayIns the partners of Element Payments may accept worldwide card payment (Visa/Mastercard) and Thailand local Bank payment methods (ATM/cashier, mobile app, internet banking). Please find more information about PayIns methods on the Flexible payment options.

  • What fees does Element Payments charge?

    Element Payments offers the special terms for fees and commissions to each partner depending on the company's turnover and the selected payment methods.

    Our starting fee rates for pay-in:

    3,65% - for cards Visa/Mastercard

    4% - for Thai, Vietnam, and Philippine banks payment methods.

    If the partner's monthly payments are growing steadily, the partner can send a request for a reduction the starting fee rates by email to

  • How can I track transactions?

    The partner can monitor all processed operations in real time through the interface of Partner Personal Cabinet or check them through the API methods.

  • Can I configure access to the information in Partner Personal Cabinet to my employees?

    Yes, our partners are allowed to add users (their employees) and manage user permissions to access information. See more information in Partner Personal Cabinet documentation.

  • How to ensure the safety of funds?

    Element Payments is certified PCI DSS version 3.2.1. Every year, we undergo an audit by the Payment Card Industry (PCI). Our servers only accept HTTPS/TLS connections for API operations. All sensitive data protects by using the highest-grade encryption (AES-256). Two factor authentication (2FA) and other security settings are available depending on the partner's type of integration.

  • How do you make withdrawals?

    With Element Payments you will get the fast and simple process of withdrawals. We offer 2 ways of the account settlement: Payouts (processed manually) and Transfers (processed automatically). See more information in Partner Personal Cabinet documentation.

  • Do you make a refund to the partner's clients?

    We monitor every money refund issue of our partners very closely. Each case of a refund is considered separately and individually. We are usually concerned with excessive refunds since it may mean a low satisfactory service level for customers by our partner. Therefore we ask the partner to improve its service as soon as possible.

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