Always know what you’ll pay for.

We have always understood how important it is for our partners to keep the cost part of their business at a low level, therefore we offer adequate and profitable commission rates, depending on the method and volume of transactions.



fee for partners with daily payments amount over 20 million baht

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Get hundreds of feature updates each year
No setup fees, monthly fees, or hidden fees

Get low commission rate

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Available for any businesses with any payments volume

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  • In what currency does Element Payments settle payments?

    Our system supports all currencies on partner's side. Invoices are automatically converted in the local currency (THB) and then they can be established directly in local currency (THB) or can be established to our server through exchange rates based on Bank of Thailand rates by your request.

  • Which payment methods does Element Payments offer to the partner?

    For PayIns the partners of Element Payments may accept worldwide card payment (Visa/Mastercard) and Thailand local Bank payment methods (ATM/cashier, mobile app, internet banking). Please find more information about PayIns methods on the Flexible payment options.

  • What fees does Element Payments charge?

    Element Payments offers the special terms for fees and commissions to each partner depending on the company's turnover and the selected payment methods.

    Our starting fee rates for pay-in:

    3,65% - for cards Visa/Mastercard

    4% - for Thai, Vietnam, and Philippine banks payment methods.

    If the partner's monthly payments are growing steadily, the partner can send a request for a reduction the starting fee rates by email to

  • How can I track transactions?

    The partner can monitor all processed operations in real time through the interface of Partner Personal Cabinet or check them through the API methods.

  • Can I configure access to the information in Partner Personal Cabinet to my employees?

    Yes, our partners are allowed to add users (their employees) and manage user permissions to access information. See more information in Partner Personal Cabinet documentation.

  • How to ensure the safety of funds?

    Element Payments is certified PCI DSS version 3.2.1. Every year, we undergo an audit by the Payment Card Industry (PCI). Our servers only accept HTTPS/TLS connections for API operations. All sensitive data protects by using the highest-grade encryption (AES-256). Two factor authentication (2FA) and other security settings are available depending on the partner's type of integration.

  • How do you make withdrawals?

    With Element Payments system, you will get the fast and simple process of withdrawals. We offer 2 ways of the account settlement: Payouts (processed manually) and Transfers (processed automatically). See more information in Partner Personal Cabinet documentation.

  • Do you make a refund to the partner's clients?

    We monitor every money refund issue of our partners very closely. Each case of a refund is considered separately and individually. We are usually concerned with excessive refunds since it may mean a low satisfactory service level for customers by our partner. Therefore we ask the partner to improve its service as soon as possible.

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